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Dinner Menu

Dumplings, Buns & Wontons
Crystal Shrimp Dumplings – $8
Pork Shumai - $8
Shrimp Shumai - $8
Shanghai Buns – pork and shrimp - $8
Shrimp & Watercress Dumplings - $9
Steamed Shrimp & Vegetable Dumpling – $10
Gyoza – pork dumplings (steamed or pan fried) $10
Curry Chicken Pot Stickers – chopped cilantro, onion and jicama with curry sauce $10
Fried Wonton – cream cheese and spinach stuffing $9
Szechuan Wonton – steamed pork and shrimp wonton with spicy red hot oil and peanut sauce $9
Crab Rangoon – fried wonton filled with crab meat and cream cheese $10

Dim Sum
Barbecued Spare Ribs – Chinatown-style grilled pork ribs $12
Vietnamese Spring Rolls – vegetarian bite size rolls with spicy plum sauce $8
Cantonese Egg Rolls – carrots, cabbage and five spice ground pork $6
Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings – sweet soy and five spice with pineapple sambal $10
Crispy Calamari – wok fried squid with tamarind sauce $11
Satay – chicken or beef on skewers with peanut sauce $10
Cold Sesame Noodles – peanut and soy dressing, with fried wontons $9
Lettuce Wraps – minced chicken or shrimp with jicama, pine nuts and cilantro $12
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken – marinated young chicken with white pepper and five spice $12
Roti Canai – Malaysian crispy pancake with curry sauce $8

Field Greens – citrus sesame dressing $8
Thai Beef Salad – sliced steak with green papaya, pineapple, cucumber and mango $14
Peppered Tuna – seared big eye brushed with fresh pepper, garlic & spicy sauce $14

Wonton Soup – shrimp & pork wonton with shiitake mushrooms and baby spinach $5
Spicy Chicken Coconut Soup – Thai spices, shredded snow peas, lotus seed and mushrooms $6
Crabmeat Asparagus Soup – corn, snow peas and egg drop $7
Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup – bean curd, cloud ear & button mushrooms $5
Thai Tom Yum Seafood Soup – clams, shrimp, scallops, pineapple in a spicy coconut broth $7
Miso Soup – Japanese consommé with tofu and nori $4

Duck & Pineapple Fried Rice – shredded duck and spring onions $13
Nasi Goreng – stir fried rice with chicken, shrimp, pork, sweet soy, sambal and fried egg $13
Yung Chow Fried Rice – house style with shrimp, chicken, sausage, onion and egg $12
Sautéed Brown Rice – with lime and basil- choice of roast pork, chicken or shrimp $12
Mum’s Fried Rice – Chinese sausage, onion and egg $11
Fried Rice – choice of roast pork, beef, chicken or shrimp $11
Spring Onion & Egg Fried Rice - $10

Lo Mein – choice of pork, beef, chicken or shrimp $12
Pan Fried Noodles – crispy egg noodles with scallops, shrimp and vegetables $16
Beef Ho Fun – flank steak with drunken noodles, scallions and bean sprouts $15
Seafood Udon – scallops, shrimp & flounder with Shacha sauce $15
Taiwanese Beef Noodle – soup noodle with braised beef shank and pickled cabbage $14
Singapore Noodles – rice vermicelli, shrimp and chicken with light curry sauce $14
Bakmi Goreng – stir fried egg noodles, chicken, shrimp and pork with sweet soy and sambal $13
Market Style Noodles – shredded pork, baby shrimp, bean sprouts and chives $12
Pad Thai – stir fried rice noodles in a tamarind based sauce…vegetable & tofu, chicken or shrimp $15

Eggplant – green onion and julienned peppers in spicy garlic sauce $13
Wood Ear Mushroom & Chinese Yams - $15
Koji Mushrooms – with baby bok choy in Shaoxing rice wine sauce $12
Baby Spinach – sautéed with sliced garlic in light rice wine sauce $11
Ma Po Tofu – soft bean curd, carrots and chilies with Szechuan peppercorn sauce $12
Spring Vegetables – sautéed with garlic in a light white sauce $13
Double Cooked String Beans – sea salt, red chilies & crushed garlic $13
Baby Bok Choy & Napa Cabbage – garlic & shiitake with light soy reduction $13
Braised Bean Curd – snow peas and black mushrooms $14

Kung Pao Shrimp – dried chilies, red & green bell peppers with peanuts $19
Sautéed Shrimp with Lily’s – Chinese spinach with rice wine sauce $21
Bali Prawns – chilies, blue ginger, stir-fried vegetables in a light sweet soy sauce $22
Crispy Shrimp with Mustard Sauce – steamed vegetables $20
Seafood Sizzling Rice – shrimp, scallops, fileted fish, Chinese greens $22
Sweet & Sour Filet of Fish – crispy filets with Chinese greens $22
Whole Crispy Fish – sweet & savory sauce with spicy chilies $28
Cantonese Styles Lobster – sautéed in the shell with ginger and scallion $26
Yi Mein Lobster – out of shell with black bean, scallion & ginger over Cantonese egg noodles $26
Black Bean Scallops – sweet peppers, garlic and scallions $24
Sautéed Eggplant & Shrimp – garlic sauce $18
Sweet & Sour Butterfly Shrimp – stir fried with snow peas, tomato and pineapple $22
Tom Yum Seafood Clay Pot – shrimp, scallop, fileted fish in a curried coconut sauce $24
Norwegian Salmon – steamed or pan seared with black bean sauce and wilted spinach $24

Poultry & Fowl
Kung Pao Chicken – dried chilies, red & green bell peppers and peanuts $17
Chicken Sizzling Rice – sliced chicken with asparagus, snow peas & wood ear mushrooms $20
Sweet & Sour Chicken – pineapple, red bell peppers with mango sauce $16
Ginger Chicken – asparagus, snow peas, king mushrooms and young ginger $18
Chicken & Mushrooms – stir fried with Shacha sauce $17
Massaman Curry Chicken – savory curry sauce with potatoes and market greens $19
Chicken & Eggplant Stir Fry – sliced chicken, green onion and julienned vegetables $17
Chicken with Crispy Spinach – five spice, garlic and hot peppers with crispy fried spinach $18
Teriyaki Chicken – sweet and savory sauce with broccoli $18
General Tso’s Chicken- chunks of boneless chicken with hot peppers in a rich Hunan sauce $17
Sesame Chicken – wok fried sliced chicken with tamarind sauce and sesame seeds $19
Mandarin Duck Pancake – cabbage, shiitake mushrooms with pancakes $21
Peking Duck - hoisin sauce, sliced cucumber & scallion with mandarin pancakes
half duck $28 whole duck $52

Pork, Beef & Lamb
Shredded Pork & Garlic – cloud ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, spicy garlic sauce $16
Tropical Sweet & Sour Pork – pineapple, red bell peppers with mango sauce $16
Shredded Pork with Dry Bean Curd – stir fried with Chinese celery $16
Mongolian Beef – green onion, cauliflower and chilies sautéed in a light brown sauce $19
Shredded Beef with Hot Peppers – wok fried with a sweet and savory sauce $19
Massaman Curry Beef – savory curry sauce with potatoes and market greens $20
Dry Shredded Beef – red chilies, Chinese five spice with scallion pancake $19
Tangerine Beef – wok fried flank steak with citrus tangerine glaze and sesame pancake $22
Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry – oyster sauce, sherry and pickled ginger $18
Rib Eye Steak Kew – grilled, cubed and served with asparagus & sweet potato fries $28
Lamb with Thai Basil – fresh chilies, onion, garlic and Thai basil $19
Cumin Lamb – sautéed with peppercorns, chilies & cilantro $19

Sushi Appetizers
Edamame • steamed whole soy beans with sea salt & lime $6.
Kani Salad • crab stick and cucumber with Japanese mayo and tobiko $6
Seaweed Salad • cucumber and sesame seeds $6
Peppered Tuna • seared big eye brushed with fresh pepper, garlic & spicy sauce $14
Yellow Tail Sashimi & Jalapeno • yuzu sauce $13
Baby Octopus with Cucumber • sesame seasoning $12
Sushi Plate • 5 pieces of assorted nigiri and tekka maki $15
Sashimi Plate • 7 pieces of assorted sashimi $16
Veggie Sushi Plate • chef’s selection, five pieces of vegetable sushi and a cucumber avocado roll $15
Tako Su • sliced octopus on vegetables with ponzu sauce $6
Salmon Loa • chopped salmon with avocado, edamame, masago salad and tabasco ponzu sauce $10
Squid Salad • preserved vegetables and chilies in vinaigrette sauce….$10

Signature Rolls
The Westporter • avocado, cucumber and kani topped with spicy tuna & crunchy tempura $15
Connecticut • California roll wrapped with sliced tuna, tempura flakes and wasabi-honey sauce $15
Madame Butterfly • spicy salmon and avocado with soybean warp and chili sauce $14
Dragon • eel and cucumber wrapped with avocado and topped with eel sauce $15
Rainbow • California roll wrapped with tuna, salmon, white tuna and yellowtail $14
Samurai • yellowtail and jalapeño topped with eel and avocado $14
Oshizushi • tradition Japanese sushi roll with salmon, avocado, spicy tuna, eel, spicy mayo & eel sauce $15
Naruto • yellowtail, salmon, tuna and crab wrapped with cucumber $14
Komodo • spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with wasabi masago and tobiko $15
Lobster • avocado and spicy mayo wrapped in soy bean paper $16
Coconut Shrimp • shrimp tempura and tamago topped with ebi, avocado and sweet coconut sauce $16
Angry Bird • spicy kani on top of shrimp & vegetable tempura with spicy mayo $14
Caterpillar • spicy tuna roll wrapped with avocado $14
Fuji Mama • salmon, tuna yellowtail topped with spicy tuna $18

Combination plates …no substitutions please
Sushi Deluxe • 10 pieces of chef’s choice of nigiri and a California roll $24
Sashimi Deluxe • 15 pieces of chef’s choice of sashimi $26
Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe • 7 pieces of sashimi, 6 pieces of nigiri and a California roll $30
Tres Color Sushi • 3 pieces of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail with one salmon roll $27

Nigiri or Sashimi

Otoro, Fatty Tuna $12
Tuna $6
Hamachi, Yellowtail $6
Escolar White Tuna $6
Hirame, Fluke $6
Salmon $5
Smoked Salmon $6
Mackerel $5
Uni $7
Ikura, Salmon Caviar $6
Tobiko, Flying Fish Roe $5
Tamago $5
Tako Steamed Octopus $5
Squid $5
Unagi Eel $6
Hotate Scallop $7
Ebi, Poached shrimp $5

Maki or Hand Roll
Tuna $6
Yellowtail & Scallion $8
Toro & Scallions $12
California $5
Salmon Avocado $6
Salmon Skin $6
Yellowtail Jalapeno $8
Eel Cucumber $6
Spicy Tuna $6
Oshinko $4
Avocado Roll $4
Shrimp Tempura $10
Japanese Cucumber $4
Spider Roll $11
Alaska Roll $6
Spicy Scallop $8
Philadelphia Roll $7
Sweet Potato Tempura $7
Ebi & Avocado Roll $6

Rice Box… all rice box includes oshinko and tamago
Unagi Don • eel over seasoned rice $22
Chirachi Don • chef’s choice of sashimi over seasoned rice $22
Tekka Don • tuna sashimi over seasoned rice $24


Menu items and pricing are subject to change 

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